“Become the functioning adult you needed when you were a child”

Trauma Therapy

Experiencing trauma during childhood can leave an adult carrying feelings belonging to other’s, shame and toxic shame rooted from these events.

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Therapy for Co-dependence

Do you sacrifice your personal needs in order to pacify others? Do you experience insecurity, low self-worth and shame? If so, it's likely you could benefit from therapy for co-dependence.

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Addiction Therapy

We offer outpatient therapy and detox services for people experiencing any form of addiction such as substance misuse and behavioural addictions.

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Meet Ben

I suffered from trauma during my childhood. My inability to self-esteem, rooted from physical, sexual and emotional abuse from a very young age, led me to addictive processes with food as a child; leading to further trauma such as bullying, among other things. My addictive processes ventured into gaming addiction to avoid my reality, sex addiction to give me value, work addiction to give me purpose, gym addiction to give me worth and finally, I found drugs and instant gratification...


1-2-1 Therapies

1-2-1 therapy allows you to discuss your inner-most thoughts in private with a therapist. 1-2-1 therapy is also known as 'individual therapy'. 1-2-1 therapy is particularly useful for analysing traumatic events in your past.

Addiction Intervention

Addiction intervention is designed to help your loved ones overcome denial and realise the need for addiction treatment.  My intervention services are available across the South East of England.

Home rehab

Now you may opt to undergo a full rehab from the comfort of your own home. I shall arrange a full medical detox procedure and then offer you a range of therapies to tackle the emotional causes of your addiction.



3 day Trauma Healing Workshop

Looking forward to the next trauma healing workshop with Hilary Thompson Betts, running the 20th – 22nd June at the Park Inn Hotel, Harlow. Great news for those on the recovery journey.

Saturday Clinic in Canary Wharf

I’ve started a new clinic in Canary Wharf, London. This will be running on a Saturday and I have a few spaces.

July Trauma Healing Workshop

With June’s dates set for our ‘Trauma Healing Workshop’ and growing interest. We have set dates for July’s workshop @ The Park Inn Hotel, Harlow.

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