Therapy for Co-dependence

Co-dependence Therapy 

If you experience co-dependency, it’s likely you will prioritise other’s needs over your own to a point where this becomes maladaptive. You will also experience feelings of insecurity, low self-worth and shame.

Originally, the term co-dependency described a situation where those experiencing this condition were said to be dependent on the addictive behaviours of a loved one. However, the term has been broadened to include any form of overdependency on another’s thoughts and actions.

How co-dependence therapy works

For co-dependence therapy to work, it’s preferable for both partners to engage in the therapeutic process. It’s common for one partner to be battling addiction, so I typically package co-dependence treatment along with addiction therapy. Both partners will be able to identify and then work through the negative emotions and behaviours that affect their relationship.

You will also analyse the ways you enable a loved one’s addiction. Furthermore, you will also be encouraged to attend addiction therapy sessions that are primarily benefiting your loved one.

If your co-dependency is not treated alongside your loved one’s addiction therapy, then it’s likely that you loved one will relapse due to your enabling behaviour. Thus, co-dependency may be considered one part of an overall addiction therapy package.

One important aspect of co-dependence treatment is education. I offer educational workshops to inform you about the disease of addiction. You will also begin to view your enabling behaviour as a major ‘addiction trigger’ that traps your loved one inside the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction.

With my help, both you and your partner may mend this dysfunctional nature of your relationship so you may live happily and productively. It’s true that some co-dependent relationships may not be salvaged, however, I shall work as hard as you do to establish a satisfactory outcome.

For co-dependence treatment to work, both you and your partner must be utterly committed to the process from start to finish. You and your partner will also have to work as a team in overcoming the issues highlighted during co-dependency therapy sessions.

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