Home Rehab Services

Home Rehab Services

A bespoke home treatment package is a designed and facilitated treatment program within a client’s home. The intention is to offer all the work and therapy one would get at an inpatient treatment centre while taking into consideration work, family, finances and other commitments that may hinder the availability to access inpatient treatment.

My bespoke package can be delivered at many levels of intensity ranging from two weekly 121 session, homework and calls for problem situation, up to, and including, a ‘live in’ therapist.

This proves valuable as often I construct the therapy package to fit around the general family schedule, meaning family therapy, psycho-education and systemic communication is facilitated in collaboration with 121 therapy for your loved one, allowing recovery to blossom for all, minimising collusion and collision.

In some more intense and inclusive ‘family’ packages, members of the family may be invited to receive therapy from a therapist exclusive to them, in collaboration with the overall program.

If required part of this program can include a home detox, as well as ‘Post Induction Therapy’ (PIT), dealing with trauma and diverse experiences that impede the ability to have and maintain healthy, authentic adult relationships.

For more information on this or to arrange a consultation, regarding a bespoke program, please get in touch using my contact page.

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