Addiction Therapy

Addicts who learn to understand exactly how their addiction negatively impacts themselves, their loved ones and their wider community.  However, those affected by addiction will require assistance in dealing with these issues. Hence, addiction therapy usually refers to a programme that aims to support addicts overcome their obsession with harmful drugs or alcohol and readjust their lives.

Both alcohol and drug addiction require addiction therapy and possibly rehab. During these treatments, clients will receive prescribed drugs, strategies, holistic or herbal methods to help them make a full recovery.

Addiction therapy I offer may also be performed at an addiction rehab clinic for serious situations, as well as at home and alcohol rehab clinics. The location and methods for your specific treatment are dependent upon your circumstances and your level of openness and degree of dependency.

Addictions I treat include:

  • Drug addiction (inc prescription meds)
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Gaming addiction
  • Sex addiction & avoidance
  • Love addiction & avoidance
  • Food binging, starving and purging
  • Exercise addiction
  • Shopping addiction
  • Work addiction
  • Codependency


The two parts of professional addiction treatment

Accordingly, remedies for healing from your alcohol or drug addiction can be broken down into two parts, the first being detoxification and the second being psychological rehabilitation. The latter is considered extremely important as it will be a continuous process of coaching as well as therapy.

It’s also worth noting that addiction is essentially a mental illness and not a physical illness. This means the mental treatment in the form of therapy must be considered more vital that detoxification, at least in the medium to long-term.

The solutions proposed by rehabs and outpatient therapists in helping to rehabilitate you from an emotional standpoint are diverse. To determine which particular therapies are most suited to your circumstances, I offer you a free consultation before your treatment will begin.  This will give you a better idea of what to expect during your addiction therapy programme that will follow this initial assessment.

In addition, an important addiction therapy I provide is directed by evidence-based techniques. You are trained initially to acknowledge or comprehend that you have a problem. You will then be taught how to restructure your life for a drug and alcohol-free existence. Admitting your addiction is an essential initial step to establishing your recovery.

By accepting your addiction, you are encouraged to look for a remedy.  Group and one-to-one therapy consultations are considered extremely effective once you have overcome denial.

Aside from emotional therapies, medical therapies may also be used in addiction treatment.  Medical solutions to combat remaining withdrawal symptoms cut down the craving for alcohol and drugs and return misplaced nutrition as well as vitamins in the body.

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