1-2-1 Therapy for Addiction & Trauma

1-2-1 Therapy for Addiction & Trauma 

121 therapy consists of non-confrontational communication and assistance around a problem situation that is creating chaos within one’s life.

Whether you are struggling with substance misuse, compulsive eating, binging, starving or exercising, compulsive sex, compulsive gambling (risk-taking), gaming, compulsive working, addictive relationships (love addiction/avoidance), codependency, trauma or a selection of the above; a therapeutic process, using a multitude of tools, can aid in bringing the problem situation into clarity and working through this, creating autonomy, allows each individual to understand, then behave with greater self-care and authenticity.

As stated on my ‘contact’ page, I can travel to your home, you can travel to my home, we can connect to a selected neutral setting or via Skype/FaceTime. This is dependent on your comfortability and availability.

Having therapy will require a therapeutic relationship to form, possibly the first healthy relationship for many, this will mean discussing issues, both past and present, and learning how to communicate the feelings attached to these events in an authentic way.

I believe integrity is an absolute and doing the right thing isn’t wrong, so, with compassion, love and respect, part of my role may be to appropriately challenge behaviours or thought processes that could spiral into chaos should it be left unchecked.

This is part of having a healthy relationship as for many the unhealthy relational problems experienced come from challenging with an ‘I’m right, your wrong’ stance. Remember an argument is always about ‘who is right’, a discussion is always about ‘what is right’.

Specific therapies I employ include:

  • Post Induction Therapy
  • Humanistic Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Art Therapy


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