Addiction Interventionist

Addiction Interventionist 

Interventions can be direct or indirect regarding the approach. There are many different types of intervention methods depending on the rationale of your loved one and the collaboration of the family and friends involved.

In some instances, the family member with the problem situation may be willing to attend and communicate with the family.

It is important to tailor the process for your loved one to achieve the best result for him/her, whilst supporting those that care. However, I do believe, at the forefront of this is cooperation and compassion.

Boundaries, boundary violations, respective consequences and non-confrontational communication are an intrinsic part of the learning process when dealing with the behavioural traits of an addict. This is initially presented in an intervention ‘prep’ and in some instances a rehearsal, depending on the intervention.

In any situation my aim would be to work with the whole family unit, offering psycho-education regarding the problem situation and the underlying issues, facilitating non confrontational communication, detailing and premeditating boundary violations and aiding in the employment of the respective consequences, further aiding all intervention participants to act within an appropriate response as opposed to an inappropriate reaction, encouraging your loved one into treatment.

Then offering a continuation of care, through therapies, for the family to aid in their recovery process and the prolonged recovery of your loved one on their return home. This is not a spectator sport the whole family gets to ‘play’.

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