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After crippling my business and suffering health consequences, I got into recovery from drug addiction through the 12 step programme. However, I still struggled with feeling’s, honesty and perfectionism. But how did I become the person I am.

I began to explore all my behaviours, completing a diploma in care & counselling then a BSc honours degree in addiction counselling through Bath University; not to become a therapist, but to learn how my behaviour could be treated. During this journey of self-exploration, I worked at Broadway Lodge. I then stumbled across Hilary Thompson Betts. She was previously of The Priory (North London) and then clinical director of Sanctuary Lodge, Essex, where I later became the lead therapist, coordinating the treatment program and applying my learning of self to help others.

Following Hilary’s work in Pia Mellody’s “Developmental Immaturity Model”. I explored my trauma in childhood and how this set me up for the relationship I have with myself and others in my adult life; I visited Arizona, with the help of Pia Mellody and ‘The Meadows‘, I gained some love and compassion for myself and worked with my trauma’s, completed training and became certified in Post Induction Therapy (PIT).

Going on to obtain a BACP accredited certificate in Supervision and finding the courage to provide for myself, thus others, I opened a private practice in London and another in North Essex. Working as a private practitioner and building healthy relationships I received two international job offers, accepting the second and setting up the treatment program at ARC, Karachi (Pakistan). After spending 3 months there I have now returned to the UK and am continuing my private practice.

I offer an opportunity for clients and other practitioners to not just exist through their ongoing problems, but to identify a way to clear them and become free to thrive.

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